Friday, September 18, 2009

BOMT: The Brass Plates Trailer

BOMT: Lehi's Journey Trailer

I Know It's Been a While.

Hey there,

Yes it's been a very long time since we've put something up here. Things are so busy with The Brass Plates which is taking longer than normal because of the amount of action that happens in the story and trying to condense that into around 5 minutes without losing the main points is a challenge in itself. So the wait is a little longer than planned. We've put up the character sheets for Laban, Zoram, Laban's Guards and Nephi as Laban. And as you can see above are our trailers for both Lehi's Journey and The Brass Plates.

The momentum for BOMT is going at a rapid pace and people everywhere are starting to take notice, and there have been a few who have been negative towards us in doing this which is a great way to exercise thought muscles :)

However we know many families are so happy that we have this out there.

God bless all who support us.