The Book of Mormon for Toddlers has had a lot of success worldwide with the book series. Each book is beautifully crafted with vibrant imagery and simplified, rhythmic text that helps each child remember the story. Each page is layered on top of a thick cardboard for durability and the corners are rounded to ensure no accidents can be made by a sharp corner.

The books in the series are:
  1. Lehi's Journey.
  2. The Brass Plates.
  3. The Promised Land.
  4. Enos.
  5. King Benjamin.
  6. Abinadi and King Noah.
  7. Alma the Elder.
  8. Alma and the Sons of Mosiah.
  9. Ammon.
  10. Alma and Faith.
  11. Captain Moroni.
  12. Helaman's 2000.
  13. Samuel the Lamanite,
  14. The Life of Jesus.
  15. Jesus in America.
  16. Mormon.
  17. The Brother of Jared.
  18. The Jaredites.
  19. Moroni's Promise.
  20. Joseph Smith and The Book of Mormon.

*Currently BOMT has been released from their current publisher since they have gone into liquidation and is now in the process of finding a new publisher to continue printing and providing you with these wonderful books. Email us if you want to know when BOMT is in your local bookstore.